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Life Coaching with Children and Teens

In today’s world the pressure children and teens are under is immense. Research shows kids today are faced with greater amount of bullying, substance misuse, peer pressure, family problems, changes in family dynamics (divorce and/or loss of loved one), puberty, obesity, poor body image, relocation/cultural adaptation and more.

There is a clear need to address children’s needs inside and outside of school and build social and emotional intelligence. It is imperative that the well-being of our youth be nurtured so that they can become healthy and productive members of society.

Hiring Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes as your child’s life coach will help him/her to understand themselves better, identify issues of concern or goals they wish to reach, and develop methods to manage their emotions and improve their life situation. As a result, they should become more resilient, positive in the face of adversity, and most importantly be able to cope when life events happen that threaten their well-being.

Coaching by Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes is a form of support and guidance which is goal oriented, practical, child-led and future-focused. Coaching with Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes is NOT counseling or psychotherapy. Therefore, it is not suited for children who have deep-seated issues, have experienced major trauma, intense depression or a significant mental health issue/diagnosis

Life coaching by Dr. Carol Leibovich-Mankes may provide a child/teen with:

  • Self Regulation: Greater awareness of triggers and negative emotions
  • Identifying positive/negative influences
  • Building better relationship with others
  • Managing difficult situation and emotions
  • Developing a more positive self-image and identity
  • Managing anxiety and stress
  • Setting and obtaining goals
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Building resiliency and coping mechanisms
  • Dealing with specific learning related diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia Etc)

Empowering A Child/Teen By Giving Him/Her Tools To Set Positive Goals And Deal
With Difficult Situations Will Bring About Greater Resiliency And
Overall Feeling of Well-Being

Life Coaching with Adults & Older Adults

A life coach can be effective in helping any individual face new challenges, seek out new opportunities, fulfill dreams and desires, and hopefully pave the way to reaching one’s own potential and fulfilling their life purpose.

Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes is here to guide and support adults and older adults who are facing life transitions or hardships such as change in lifestyles (divorce, becoming a widow, grief, motherhood), overall well-being (health concerns, disability, wellness), relocation, work status (retirement), family relationships, dating and/or marriages.

Marry Yourself, Discover New Horizons And Become An
Even Better Version Of Your Already Awesome Self.

Services Offered

Individual Life Coaching Sessions for Child/ Teen/ Adult/ Older Adult (In-Person Or Online):

Life coaching sessions will typically last between 45 and/or 60 minutes. Often after an initial assessment, sessions can be conducted over the phone, face to face, over email (determined on a case by case basis by Dr. Carol Leibovich-Mankes and Coaching Client).

Support Groups:

Designed for Adults and Older Adults who want to meet others who are facing related life transitions and provide an outlet, support and form a community. Support networks are of outmost importance when facing life changes.

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